Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Marriages Between the Willis and Leech Families

Many times we run across families that intertwine more than once. This was the case for the Willis and Leech families in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Benjamin Willis b. 1764 married Bridget Cole b. 1766 and among their children were Rachel b. 1802 and Amos b. 1790.

Amos Willis b. 1790 married Jane Ellison. They had a daughter, Elizabeth who married George W. Leech in 1853 in Delavan, Wisconsin. Amos had a sister named Rachel Willis b. 1802 who married John B. Shepard. To this union was born a daughter in 1829, Sabra Shepard and a son, Linus D. Shepard b. 1838. Sabra married Reuben Bristol and they had a daughter Lena b. 1865 who married George Edwin Leech, son of the above George W. Leech and Elizabeth Willis. And Linus D. Shepard married Clarinda Z. Sawyer daughter of Adna Sawyer and Serena Viles, and niece of Jotham Viles and Mary Ann Leech.

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