Saturday, October 2, 2010

Joseph H Leech - Land Patent

Land Patent for Joseph H. Leech

When I found this land patent on the Bureau of Land Management's website, I wanted to know if this was the same Joseph Leech, son of William R. Leech and Hannah Sewell, born in Maine>moved to Wisconsin with his mother>moved to Iowa with his brother-in-law, Jotham Viles>settled in Bon Homme County, South Dakota. Valuable information can be gleaned from the patent file. Here are some things that I found in the file:

No. 14335
Land Office at Michell, D.T. [Dakota Territory]
Sec. 15, Town. 103, Range 67
Patented Apr 20 1888
Recored Vol. 21, Page 76

The land was purchased on 5 Dec 1885 by Joseph H Leech, residing in Brule County, Territory of Dakota, North East Quarter of Section 15 in Township 103 of Range No 67 of the 5 Principal Meridian containing 160 acres. He bought the land for $1.25 per acre totaling Two Hundred Dollars.

An Affiviavit dated 20 Apr  1888 by Joseph H Leech, was sworn and subscribed in Bon Homme County, Territory of Dakota.

Date of Residence,  May 7, 1883
Date of Entry, May 7, 1883
Date of Proof, Dec. 1, 1885
Date of Advertised, Dec. 1, 1885
Date of Certification, Dec. 5, 1885

Improvements, Frame house, shingle roof 12 x 20, 40 acres broken
Value of $600
Residence claimed, 2 y. 6 mos 24
Claimant's family, Wife & 5 children

Paid $14.00 on May 7, 1883 to the Register for a Homestead Application.

The house was built in 1882 and Joseph purchased the house from the entry man.

An Non-Mineral Affidavit signed in Davison County, Territory of Dakota by Joseph H Leech on 1 Dec 1885.

C M Gregory (acquainted with Joseph Leech for 30 years) and Clark A Edgecomb signed Homestead Proof - Testimony of Witness for Joseph.

On 1 Dec 1885, Joseph claimed to be 39 years old and native of the United States. He had a wife and 5 children. He had only been gone from the property for 3 days to harvest grain since May 7, 1883.

Joseph H. Leech was given a Homestead Certificate No. 14335.

What did I learn from this file? It is highly probable that this is the same Joseph Leech who was born in Maine and later lived in Bon Homme County, South Dakota based on age,affidavit taken in Bon Homme County, nativity, and consistent with arrival date to South Dakota reported on South Dakota 1905 Census by two daughters . Joseph and his family arrived in South Dakota on or before May 1883. Assuming that this is the correct Joseph, Joseph and his wife, Alice had a child who was most likely born between December 1882 and May 1883 and died before 1900. Alice mostly like died in South Dakota before 1900.

Now the question is who the heck is C M Gregory that had known Joseph for 30 years? This implies that C M Gregory lived in Wisconsin with Joseph.