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The Marriages Between the Willis and Leech Families

Many times we run across families that intertwine more than once. This was the case for the Willis and Leech families in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Benjamin Willis b. 1764 married Bridget Cole b. 1766 and among their children were Rachel b. 1802 and Amos b. 1790.

Amos Willis b. 1790 married Jane Ellison. They had a daughter, Elizabeth who married George W. Leech in 1853 in Delavan, Wisconsin. Amos had a sister named Rachel Willis b. 1802 who married John B. Shepard. To this union was born a daughter in 1829, Sabra Shepard and a son, Linus D. Shepard b. 1838. Sabra married Reuben Bristol and they had a daughter Lena b. 1865 who married George Edwin Leech, son of the above George W. Leech and Elizabeth Willis. And Linus D. Shepard married Clarinda Z. Sawyer daughter of Adna Sawyer and Serena Viles, and niece of Jotham Viles and Mary Ann Leech.

Walter Scott ARMSTRONG Descendant Report

The information obtained on this family mostly came from online resources. First the marriage between Walter and Helen (Hellen) was found on Benton County, Iowa USGen site. for a county site this is loaded with great information. I also used the 1880 census from Heritage Quest. This gave me the two oldest children, Ida and Walter, who was listed as William. From the 1900 census, I knew that Walter and Helen had four children but only the youngest, Harold was living with them by 1900. I did not find the couple in the 1889 Washington Census. According to the obituary of Walter S. Armstrong, they moved to Washington about 1889. Moving to the 1910 census, I found Helen and Harold living in Washington. Helen is listed as a widow. Next, I used This is where I hit the jackpot! Walter's obit came up so I knew that he died in March 1910. There are also lots of articles about the junior Walter who owned a restaurant and was involved in many community activies. Then there was the series of articles that talked about Helen giving cooking classes. The newspaper even ran her photo! What a treasure.

Still, I had not found the last child. Then I started to explore If you have Washington ancestors, you must explore this great site. I was able to find the birth of Harold, two marriages for the missing child, Helen A. Armstrong. The actual images were there as well with great family information. The marriage for Harold was also found. I did not find the marriages for Walter Jr. and for Ida. Ida's husband was listed in the obituary for Walter Sr. The couple was living in East Canada so this needs to be explored a bit more. Washington also has a death index. I found both Walter's and Helen's death.

So much information online and for FREE!

..... 1 Walter Scott ARMSTRONG (1851 - 1910) B: 13 Apr 1851 in Indiana, USA, M: 16 Aug 1874 in Benton, Iowa, USA, D: 22 Mar 1910 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA

..... + Helen Amanda VILES (1855 - 1936) B: 3 Dec 1855 in Wisconsin, USA, M: 16 Aug 1874 in Benton, Iowa, USA, D: 09 Oct 1936 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA

........... 2 Ida M. ARMSTRONG (1876 - ) B: 1876 in Vinton, Benton, Iowa, USA

........... + Henry GOUGH

........... 2 Walter S. ARMSTRONG (1878 - 1951) B: 1878, M: 1904, D: 29 Mar 1951 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA

........... + Mabel T. NN (1889 - ) B: 1889 in Wisconsin, USA, M: 1904

........... 2 Helen A. ARMSTRONG (1882 - ) B: 1882 in Vinton, Benton, Iowa, USA, M: 24 Mar 1998 in Whatcom, Washington, USA

........... + W A WYANT (1880 - ) B: 1880, M: 21 May 1904

........... + Arthur D ROGERS (1865 - ) B: 1865 in Kansas, USA, M: 24 Mar 1998 in Whatcom, Washington, USA

........... 2 Harold William ARMSTONG (1898 - ) B: 12 Jan 1898 in New Whatcome, Washington, USA, M: 14 Mar 1917 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA

........... + Gertrude M. ROBERTS M: 14 Mar 1917 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA

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LINUS D. SHEPARD Biographical Record

From Portrait and Biographical Record of Walworth and Jefferson Counties, Wisconsin, Lake City Publishing Co. Chicago. 1894

Linus D. Shepard was an early settler and prominent farmer of Walworth County, whither he came in 1841. He was born in the town of Darien, Genesee County, N.Y., and was a son of John B. and Rachel (Willis) Shepard, who were of English and Holland descent. In their family were five children: Stephen H., a resident of Walworth County; Sabra, wife of R. H. Bristol, who is living near Delavan; Ann A., who resides with her brother’s family on the old homestead; Mary S., wife of Edward Coleman, of Delavan; and Linus D., of this sketch.

It was during his boyhood that our subject came to Wiscousin, and after attending the common schools, he became a student in the Delavan Seminary, of Delavan, there completing his education. His father died on the 3d of February 1875, and his mother passed away December 24, 1872. They were laid to rest in Spring Grove Cemetery. Having arrived at years of maturity, L. D. Shepard was united in marriage on the 4th of June, 1873, the lady of his choice being Miss Clarinda Z., daughter of Adna Sawyer. She was born in the town of Richmond, in Walworth County, March 29, 1852, and by their marriage were born seven children, all of whom are yet at home. They are John A., who was born April 8, 1874; Eunice R., January 18, 1876; Alfred H., December 25, 1877; Earl L., August 20, 1879; Alice E., January 16, 1881 Esther S., March 24, 1883; and Mabel E., November 1, 1885. The eldest son, John, now has charge of the home farm. He was educated in the Delavan High School and the others are receiving the same educational privileges.

Linus D. Shepard followed farming throughout his entire life, and was the owner of a beautiful tract of land of eight acres, on section 4, Delavan Township. This he placed under a high state of cultivation, and upon it made many excellent improvements. Good buildings were erected, and all the accessories and conveniences of a model farm were added, so that the place has become one of the best in the locality. The owner was a man of high character, was always a friend in time of need, and was an enterprising and public-spirited citizen, who manifested a warm interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of the community. He and his wife belonged to the Congregational Church, and, in politics, he was a Republican. For many years he held the office of School Director, and the cause of education found in him a warm friend. His death resulted from an accident, on the 21st of May, 1890, and he was laid to rest in Spring Grove Cemetery. His life was an honorable and upright one, which gained him the respect of all who knew him, and his loss was therefore deeply lamented.

Walworth County Probate Index

Walworth County Probate Index 1848-1930
Published by the Walworth County Genealogical Society, Inc., PO Box 159, Delavan, WI 53115-0159
A Estate Administrator
B Will
C Guardianship
D Infant sale of real estate
E Adoption
F Commitment (Insanity)
G Real Estate Sale
H Certification of heirship

Primary Key Case # Case Type Last Name First Name Filing Date Date of Death
1671 1415 A&G Goodwin James 11/5/1849 10/28/1849
1532 1306 D&G Goodwin Lyman J. 11/15/1864
1826 1545 B&G Goodwin Lyman J. 6/14/1870 5/17/1870
3848 3520 B&G Leech Elizabeth G 5/18/1898 5/5/1898
4007 3667 C Sawyer Alice 3/30/1901
1937 1633 B Sawyer Cephas 1/14/1881 12/16/1880
1355 1139 G&H Sawyer Serena N. 12/7/1911 9/4/1891
4002 3661 A&G Sawyer Wallace 10/16/1899 8/7/1899
2148 1814 B Viles Alfred 8/9/1887 8/6/1887
97 89 B Viles Alfred Jr. 7/23/1877 7/10/1877
146 134 B Viles Gustavus G. 7/15/1862 1/13/1862
152 140 C Viles Lucy Alice 7/9/1862 6/13/1862
68 69 A Viles Lucy Alice 8/22/1870 5/28/1870

List of Names found in the Probate Records . Last Name, First Name, Case Number

Farnsworth Adelia 939
Farnsworth Emma 4205
Farnsworth Esther 939
Farnsworth Frederick 939
Farnsworth Joseph M 2856
Farnsworth Joseph M 3242
Farnsworth Julia 939
Farnsworth Marilla 939
Farnsworth Mary 3242
Farnsworth Rosanna 939
Farnsworth Saloma 939
Viles A. W. 3109
Viles Abigail W. 97
Viles Benjamin W. 2148
Viles Edith 97
Viles Elizabeth 97
Viles Eunice 97
Viles Euphrasia 97
Viles Eveline 2148
Viles Fulia E. 152
Viles Gustavus G. 152
Viles Joseph 146
Viles Joseph 152
Viles Jothane S. 2148
Viles Julia Elvira 68
Viles Zebulon M. 2148
Viles Alfred Jr. 2148

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Biography of Max Fueger - Milwaukee

Lawrence and Margret Fueger were the parents of Max Fueger; he was born at Kuehleheim on the Tauber [Kuelsheim], Baden, Germany. He received a thorough common-school education. He had a wish, from boyhood, to become a brewer, and his father assisted him in his inclination. After leaving school he remained at home for nearly two year, working in his father’s shop as cooper.

He then went to learn the brewing trade, with Mr. Max Faeth, with whom he remained two years. He then traveled and worked in different breweries for four and a half years, in the various towns of Wertheim, Heidelberg, Miltenburg, Wuerzburg and Bischofsheim. This was in accordance with the German law requiring three years’ travel and journeywork before beginning any business as proprietor.

In July, 1847, Mr. Fueger came to New York, where he found work, and for a year and a half was employed in what was then the largest brewery in the country, on Washington street, in the old State’s Prison Building. In August, 1849, he came to Wisconsin and settled in Milwaukee, where he has since resided. He has been engaged in brewing all the time, and has worked in nearly all the large breeries in the city. He worked for Best and Co. for eleven years, eight years of which he was foreman. He has a thorough practical knowledge of his trade, careful and watchful of the process. He succeeded in producing a very superior beer, that has given to Best and Co. a more than national name and reputation. They feel and generously acknowledge this fact, and have often expressed their indebtedness to him.

Mr. Fueger left Best and Co. to purchase the interest of Benedict Caspari, in Obermann’s brewery, and entered into partnership with Jacob Obermann, with whom he is still associated. The business has increased steadily, and their progress has been great and constant. When Mr. Fueger entered the business, they were occupying a small frame building; they now have a large brick building, eighty feet long and forty feet wide, besides a large malt-house. Their business has become great and their capital has grown with the business.

Mr. Fueger was brought up a Catholic, but has since become more liberal in hi religious view.

He attributes his success to his thorough knowledge of his trade, to an ever watchful attention, and the cooperation of an excellent wife.

Source: The United State Biographical Dictionary p. 19

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Leech Abstracts from the Maine Farmer

From the Abstracts of Death Notices Miscellaneous News Articles From the Maine Farmer by David C. Young and Benjamin Lewis Keene. They also published one on Marriage Notices.

Leech Jeremiah 68 a native of Minot ME at Sangerville ME [15 Jul 1847]
William H 40 a member of Franklin Division S of T at Augusta ME on 23 Mar [29 Mar 1849]

Both ages are off. And of course, I believe that it is William R. Or perhaps it is a different William Leech. "S of T" stands for the Son of Temperance and more about them can be found in Google Books.

Also, in the Marriages volume:

Leach, Joseph of St. Albans and Eliza Chase, Dec. 13, 1846, Int.
Mary Ann and Jotham S. Viles of Starks, Sept. 17 1848, Int. (I believe the eldest daughter of William R. Leech. Marriage date 1 Oct 1848.)

I think that the above Joseph is the son of John Jr. and Sarah. William R. Leech also had a son Joseph, b. 1846. The Leech family certainly recycled names!

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Leech Gravestones in Spring Grove Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery (Delavan)Wisconsin:
• Leach, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 May 1898
• Leach, William, 19 July 1885
• Leech, Charles, 1 Jun 1870
• Leech, Dr. George Edwin, 4 Jun 1947
• Leech, George, 3 Dec 1893
• Leech, Hannah, 1 Jun 1870
• Leech, John, 1 Jun 1870
• Leech, Maude Ashley, 9 Aug 1941
• Leech, Mr. Lena (sic), 16 Mar 1898
• Leech, William, 1 Jun 1870

Who really died on June 1, 1870? I cannot figure it out. It was not Hannah d. 8 Apr 1856 nor John d. 16 Jul 1857 because the pics of dates listed on their gravestones. I do not think that it was either William – the one died as a baby in 1853 and it looks like another died at about age 20 in 1885. Charles also died as a baby in 1856. We are just going to have the genealogical society go take photos of all the gravestones in the spring. I wonder what happened to Adda born about 1858? She is the mystery person listed under George and Elizabeth Leech in the 1860 census. And I am referring to “her” because she is listed as a female realizing that there could be errors. Maybe she is buried in a “Baby” section. Some cemeteries have a section just for babies and small children. It appears that the Leech’s had money because their first William died when he was less than a month old and has a gravestone.

Visit the Spring Grove Cemetery in Delavan, Wisconsin at for some photos of the Leech gravestones.

Marriage Transcription of William Leach and Hannah Sewell

William Leach of the Parish of Saint Mary and Hannah Sewell of the same Parish were married by License with Consent of Father this eight day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Twenty seven.

By me James Harrison Esquire, one of his Majesty’s Justice of the Peace in and for the County of York Legally authorized to celebrate Marriage with Saia County.

This marriage was solemnized between us

In the presence of Wm R Leach
Calvin L Goodspell (Goodspull?) Hannah Sewell
Nicholas ???iti

Filed and Regr 8 January 1828

Eden Twp, Benton, Iowa Plat Map 1875

The Brewery Connection - Schreck and Fueger

Max (Mattaeus) Fueger b. 1832 in Kuelsheim, Baden, Germany immigrated to the United States in 1847 with his parents and siblings. They first went to New York so that Max could work for a brewery there. Then, in 1849, they settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Max became a successful brewer. In 1851, he married Margaretha Schreck presumably in Wisconsin and had three children, Juliette (Julia) b. July 1852, Gustavus b. 6 Apr 1857, and Edward b. 1862 all born in Wisconsin.

In 1853, Peter Schreck and Friedericke (Fredericka) Heiliger immigrated to the United States and settled in an unknown place. Peter and Friedericka seemingly tied the knot and became Mr. and Mrs. Schreck. Peter was also a brewer. Peter was found in the 1855 Wisconsin Census in Milwaukee and in the 1857-1858 Milwaukee Directory as a malster. In 1858, he was given $500 by the Swiss Colonization Society of Tell City, Perry, Indiana to start a brewery. The Swiss Colonization Society also gave Peter two lots on April 18, 1859: Lot No. 4 in Block No 249 in Tell City, Indiana and Lot No. 11 in Block No. 101 in Tell City, Indiana both on recorded June 2, 1859. It was not a successful business. In 1863, Peter paid income taxes for his brewery in Shawneetown, Gallatin, Illinois. Apparently, Peter died. Fredericka then married Anton Ditt in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana 16 October 1867. Three out of four cities where Peter and Fredericka have been found were along the Ohio River. No children between this union have been found.

Anton and Fredericka then have their first and only child, Juliette Wilhelmina Ditt together in Milwaukee, WI on 16 November 1868. Juliette was named after her baptismal sponsors, Wilhelm (William) Heitmann and Julia Fueger, daugher of Max Fueger, the brewer in Milwaukee. William and Julia married in 1871. They had three daughters, Alma b. Jan 1872, Flora b. 1874 and Clara b. 8 Jan 1876.

The question becomes, is Margaretha Schreck related to Peter Schreck? And if they are realted, how? Obviously, there is the brewer connection between Peter and Max. The question is did they meet in Germany or the United States. There is a Peter Schreck listed in the 1855 Wisconsin census living in Milwaukee. Further research needs to establish the connection between Margaretha, Peter and Fredericka.
To further establish the familial relationship, the son of Julia Ditt and Theodore Eberle, Alfred Max Edward Eberle b. 8 Aug 1892 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois is named after Max Fueger and Edward Fueger. The Alfred may have come from Alfred Van Eweyk, the husband of Flora Heitmann. Alma Heitmann was the baptismal sponsor for Alfred Eberle.

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Hannah Sewell b. 1807 New Brunswick, Canada

Just who is Hannah Sewell from New Brunswick? Were her parents loyalists during the Revolutionary War and fled to New Brunswick? Were her parents pre-loyalists? The Sewell name and York County, New Brunswick are both indicators that Hannah is a descendant of Thomas Sewell, a loyalist. If her parents were loyalists, why did she marry the son of Revolutionary War patriot?

Hannah married William R. Leech (Leach) on 8 Dec 1827 in St. Mary's Parish, York County, New Brunswick by a James Harrison, esq., JP. Their marriage is recorded in the Bureau of Sante Fredericton NB. Hannah's father gave consent. Was her mother dead? Both William and Hannah were from St. Mary's Parish according to the marriage record. Why was William living in New Brunswick? And why did they move back to St. Albans, Somerset, Maine after they were married?

This is an area where I need help!

Some Walworth County, Wisconsin Marriages

The following have been taken from "Index to Walworth County, Wisconsin, Marriages 1837-1907", Compiled by Judy Vezzetti. 2007.

Included will be associated families of Alfred Viles from Starks, Maine who moved to Walworth County, Wisconsin or others with the same name. "-" means there was a blank. “?”s were in the entries. My notes or comments will be in []s. Not responsible for errors.

Vol, Page, Date, Place
Groom Name, Residence, Birthplace, Parents
Bride Name, Birthplace, Parents

1 361 1849 Oct 12 Elkhorn
Adams, Gilbert C - ? –
Viles, Eunice W - [Maine] [Alfred, Thankful Norton]

2 36 1854 Jan 26 Geneva
Butler, Asa Geneva Me New Virginia [New Vineyard, Maine] Elijah, Nahoma [Naomi]
Farnsworth, Rosanah - _____, Saloma

5 145 1892 Oct 21 Whitewater
Bulter, Flavel B Whitewater, ME Bath Thomas, Phebe Winston
Bonney, Mattie NY Orleans Co William Yate, Elizabeth Sener

5 91 1891 Aug 8 Geneva Lake
Butler, George Lynn WI Lynn Richard, Ann Harden
Murphy, Catherine WI Lynn John, Helen Walshe

2 483 1861 Jan 1 Whitewater
Butler, George Koskonong ? -
Parker, Alma - L, M S

3 331 1878 May 23 Delavan
Butler, John W IA Missouri Valley IL Springfield Stephen, E A
Brainard, Sylvia C - L, M S

2 367 1866 Dec 31 Elkhorn
Richard, Butler Dane Co NY Jamestown Solomon, Mary
Salisbury, S Annette – Russell, Mary

3 378 1879 May 20 Geneva
Bulter, Samuel M NY Alden IL Chicago R N, A W
Montague, Olive L - Guerdon, Mary

2 229 1858 Mar 31 Spring Prairie
Chase, William H Spring Prairie OH Medina Co ___, Sally Bell Mrs.
Butler, Adelaide F – Charles, Lucinda

4 277 1887 Jul 13 Lyons
Vaughn, Alonzo Spring Prairie WI Lafayette David, Rebecca Densmore
Butler, Adelia E WI Racine Co Benonah, Emiline Randall

4 233 1886 Sep 29 Walworth
Monson, Donald Linn CT New Haven Alfred, Harriet Mygatt
Butler, Ella Ire Katharney Frederick, Ella Grey

3 315 1877 Dec 18 Elkhorn
Albrecht, Joseph W IL Bureau Co IL Bureau Co Joseph, Barbara
Butler, Jennie M – [either Industry or New Vineyard, Maine] Elijah, Naomi

2 482 1860 Dec 26 Delavan
Patchin, Daniel H Fox Lake NY Westfield H,M A
Butler, Lizzie A – Gaines, M

2 617 1862 Jan 1 –
Wells, Richard - ? –
Butler, Maria – –

1 306 1847 Dec 5 –
Lewis , Orrin - ? –
Butler, Mary - -

3 148 1873 Mar 29 Delavan
Miller, Jerome S Elkhorn MI T W, O
Butler, Mary – [either Industry or New Vineyard, Maine] ____, N [Elijah, Naomi]

2 115 1856 Jan 13 Geneva
Davis, William R Geneva NY Onondaga Co –
Butler, Mercy Louisa - Henry, Emily

4 65 1883 Jun 4 Delavan
Gibson, William W Can Man Winnipeg IL Henry George
Leach, [Leech] Mary E WI Delavan George, E G [Elizabeth G Willis]

2 491 1861 Feb 28 –
Olin, J H Spring Prairie ? –
Leach, N M - -

6 127 1904 Sep 21 Lake Geneva
Pufall, John IL Hebron WI August, Katherine Acker
Leech, Bertha IL Hebron Edward, Hattie Rowe

5 131 1892 Jul 7 Walworth
McLean, George IL Hennepin IL Hennepin George, Elizabeth Lincoln
Leech, Catherine IL Hennepin Joseph, Elizabeth Jerrow

3 62 1870 Dec 21 Geneva
Buchanan, Edwin IL Algonquin NY Allegany Co John, Betsey
Leech, Elizabeth Olive – Samuel, MaryAnn

1 158 1844 Sep 24 Elkhorn
Leach, A Z D - ? –
Utter, Sarah Ann - -

3 183 1881 Oct 20 Walworth
Leach, George B NY NY DeWitt, Maria Munn
Campbell, Olive B – Dennis, Rebecca Ayars

6 121 1904 May 14 –
Leach, Harry H – IL Hebron –
Williams, Maud WI Lake Geneva –

2 820 1866 Apr 19 Whitewater
Leach, Thomas f IA Shelby Co IA Shelby Co David, America
Locke, Mary E – M E, Harriet

3 94 1871 Nov 5 Sharon
Leach, Walter IL Belvidere IL Belvidere E J, Martha
Clark, Martha – Duncan, Nancy

6 44 1902 Jan 1 Brighton/Keno
Leach, William John Burlington WI Brighton John, Agnes McDonald
Husse, Julia Aut Jacob, Katherine Patke

4 184 1885 Nov 25 Delavan
Leech, George E Delavan WI Delavan George, Elizabeth Willis
Bristol, Lena L WI Delavan Ruben, Sabra Sheffield

3 311 1877 Dec 13 Whitewater
Congdon, Hanibal Jefferson Co NY Hanibal, Eliza
Sawyer, Anna – James, Elizabeth

3 150 1873 Jun 4 Sugar Creek
Shepard, Lynus Delavan NY J B
Sawyer, Clarinda Z – A, S M [Adna, Serena Norton Viles]

2 117 1856 Jan 31 Geneva
Clark, George Wright – NY Whitehall Norman, Lydia
Sawyer, Dorinda Filora – William, Theodosia

2 152 1856 Sep 25 Geneva
Irving, Thomas W Monroe Can John, Nichola
Sawyer, Esther Jane – William, Theodotia

3 364 1879 Jan 19 Delavan
Featherstone, William H Walworth WI Sharon William, Harriet
Sawyer, Frances E – Levi, Thankful [Viles]

5 476 1899 Feb 22 Lyons
Healy, Harlon G Lyons WI Lyons Charles, Caroline Stroup
Sawyer, Harriet M WI Waterford Robert, Ellen Reed

5 469 1899 Jan 8 Lyons
Ensign, Clarence D Lyons WI Spring Prairie Spencer, Aurelia Kidder
Sawyer, Jeanette M WI Waterford Robert, Ellen Reed

4 268 1887 May 11 Spring Prairie
Wetherbee, Thomas Lafayette WI Milwaukee Sylvanus, Elizabeth Jessup
Sawyer, Mattie T WI Waterford Robert, Ellen Reed

5 169 1893 Mar 15 Honey Creek
Frost, Charles E Rochester Ger Pongdorf John, Mary Weideman
Sawyer, May D WI Rochester Albert, Ruth Buck

3 481 1881 Oct 9 Walworth
Spensly, Dallas Walworth WI Walworth Robert Eliza
Sawyer, Orre –[WI Walworth Co] Lewis [Levi], Thankful [Viles]

5 151 1892 Nov 23 Honey Creek
Jardine, Gilbert IL Chicago Can ON Darlington Gilbert, Mary Steele
Sawyer, Sarah ME Hodgter Nathaniel BUCK, Elizabeth Quake

5 367 1896 Dec 31 East Troy
Dickerman, Arthur Mancel East Troy WI East Troy Franklin, Mary Alter
Sawyer, Susie WI East Troy Cephas, Maria Bulman

1 367 1849 Nov 10 Elkhorn
Sawyer Adna - ? -
Horn, Serena [Serena Viles, widow Benjamin Horn] – [Maine] – [Alfred Sr., Thankful Norton]

3 233 1875 Oct 14 Geneva
Sawyer Albert Alvah – NY Canton Alvah, Louiza
Curtis, Fannie Caroline – Louis

3 224 1875 Jun 16 Richmond
Sawyer, Alfred Viles Sugar Creek WI Spring Prairie Adna, Serena [Viles]
Stone, Emma Henrietta – Henry, Sarah

3 341 1878 Sep 26 Spring Prairie
Sawyer, Alonzo Racine Co NY Columbia Co John, Ester
Neff, Alice E – John Matteson, Amentha

4 30 1882 Sep 28 Walworth
Sawyer, Benjamin W Walworth WI Walworth Levi, Thanksful Viles
Hunt, Stella M WI Walworth Charles, Amanda Grinman

6 85 1903 Apr 12 Darien
Sawyer, Charles George Darien IL Chicago A V [Alfred Viles], Emma Stone
Dougall, Georgie May WI Sharon George, Ida Williams

1 492 1851 Dec 25 Spring Prairie
Sawyer, George C Spring Prairie ? –
Utter, Ester – -–

3 472 1881 Jun 19 Delavan
Sawyer, George H Walworth MN Levi, Lovina [Thankful L. Viles]
Morgan, Elizabeth – William, Sarah

1 217 1846 Jan 1 –
Sawyer, Jerome O Troy ? –
Cobb, Lucy B – –

2 41 1854 Mar 21 –
Sawyer, Levi Richmond MA Abel, Betsey
Viles, Thankful – – [Alfred Sr., Thankful Norton]

2 415 1867 Oct 30 Delavan
Sawyer, Silas J Clinton NY Monroe Co Horace, Nancy
Passage, Eunice J – George, Alla

3 59 1870 Sep 22 Geneva
Sawyer, Wallace Geneva VT Brandon Harrison, Ellen
Quinconnon, Nellie – Michael, Bridget

5 178 1893 Jun 13 East Troy
Sawyer Wayne East Troy WI East Troy Cephas, Maria
Elkins Villa Bella WI East Troy Charles, Lucy

4 319 1888 Mar 15 Sharon
Sawyer, Zebulon V Sharon WI Sugar Creek Levi, Thankful Viles
Ellison, Elizabeth Swe Dakland Ellis, Mary Oleson

3 382 1879 Jul 22 Elkhorn
Clark, Isaac Galesville ME Salem Isaac, Hannah
Vile, E [Viles, Euphralia] – Alfred [Jr.], Abigal [Abigail Holbrook]

4 325 1888 Apr 19 Elkhorn
Muzzy, William W Elkhorn NH Hanover John, Ruth Withington
Viles, Abigail W ME Storkes [Starks] Solomon Holbrooke, Iranda Young [widow of Alfred Jr.]

2 107 1855 Nov 3 –
Porter, Alanson G Marquette Co ? –
Viles, Clarissa F – [Maine] – [Joseph, Eleanor Heald]

3 299 1877 Aug 14 Elkhorn
Durant, Pliny Ayers IL St. Charles IL St. Charles Samuel Lucy
Viles, Eunice M – [WI Walworth Co] Alfred [Jr.] Abigail [Holbrook]

1 361 1849 Elkhorn
Adams, Gilbert C - ? –
Viles, Eunice W – [Maine] – [Alfred Sr., Thankful Norton]

3 114 1872 May 22 Elkhorn
Niskern, Alexander Delavan NY Schoharie Jacob, Betsey
Viles, Euphrasia F. – [Maine] Alfred [Jr.], Abagail [Abigail]

2 254 1858 Oct 31 Elkhorn
Hay, Washington Elkhorn ? –
Viles, Melvina A – [Maine] – [Joseph, Eleanor Heald]

2 269 1858 Richmond
Cox, James Richmond Eng Jeffry, Susan
Viles, Minerva J – Nelson COOK, Lydia [widow of Zebulon B. Viles]

2 41 1854 Mar 21 –
Sawyer Levi Richmond MA Abel, Betsey
Viles, Thankful – [Maine] – [Alfred Sr., Thankful Norton]

4 11 1882 Feb 22 Elkhorn
Viles George D IA Marshalltown IA Davenport Harold GUNNERSON, Kari [A H Viles, Charlotte]
Golden, Helen L IL Chicago Peter, Ingelbrie Halverson

2 81 1854 Sep 26 Geneva
Viles, Gus G Geneva ME Somerset Co Joseph, Eleanor [Heald]
Farnsworth, Julia Elvira – Z, Zeroma

Genealogy Inspiration

When my much loved grandmother died, I wanted to do something special in her memory. My mother and I were going through pictures that belonged to my grandmother. There were several people that neither of us knew and some that we did. However, there were many, many photos of my grandmother as a child. From them, I could tell that she was loved and very much.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since college and intrigues me. A photo of a person can tell so much about them if you will just observe. So I added a little of my creativity and a memory album of my grandparents lives' came to life. It was fun to put together a picture story that told who they were as young children, how they grew up to become adults, and finally raise children and have grandchildren. To put things into perspective, I added a brief family tree. But my grandmother's grandmother, Julia Ditt, was a mystery. What was her actual birth and death date? Who were her parents? Why did the family have information about the other branches but not the Ditts?

The hook was set and I was reeled into the fascinating world of family research better known as genealogy. So if you share this nutty passion, are a cousin who has stumbled upon this blog, have information that I might be interested in, please email me or post a comment.