Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hannah Sewell b. 1807 New Brunswick, Canada

Just who is Hannah Sewell from New Brunswick? Were her parents loyalists during the Revolutionary War and fled to New Brunswick? Were her parents pre-loyalists? The Sewell name and York County, New Brunswick are both indicators that Hannah is a descendant of Thomas Sewell, a loyalist. If her parents were loyalists, why did she marry the son of Revolutionary War patriot?

Hannah married William R. Leech (Leach) on 8 Dec 1827 in St. Mary's Parish, York County, New Brunswick by a James Harrison, esq., JP. Their marriage is recorded in the Bureau of Sante Fredericton NB. Hannah's father gave consent. Was her mother dead? Both William and Hannah were from St. Mary's Parish according to the marriage record. Why was William living in New Brunswick? And why did they move back to St. Albans, Somerset, Maine after they were married?

This is an area where I need help!

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