Monday, January 5, 2009

Leech Gravestones in Spring Grove Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery (Delavan)Wisconsin:
• Leach, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 May 1898
• Leach, William, 19 July 1885
• Leech, Charles, 1 Jun 1870
• Leech, Dr. George Edwin, 4 Jun 1947
• Leech, George, 3 Dec 1893
• Leech, Hannah, 1 Jun 1870
• Leech, John, 1 Jun 1870
• Leech, Maude Ashley, 9 Aug 1941
• Leech, Mr. Lena (sic), 16 Mar 1898
• Leech, William, 1 Jun 1870

Who really died on June 1, 1870? I cannot figure it out. It was not Hannah d. 8 Apr 1856 nor John d. 16 Jul 1857 because the pics of dates listed on their gravestones. I do not think that it was either William – the one died as a baby in 1853 and it looks like another died at about age 20 in 1885. Charles also died as a baby in 1856. We are just going to have the genealogical society go take photos of all the gravestones in the spring. I wonder what happened to Adda born about 1858? She is the mystery person listed under George and Elizabeth Leech in the 1860 census. And I am referring to “her” because she is listed as a female realizing that there could be errors. Maybe she is buried in a “Baby” section. Some cemeteries have a section just for babies and small children. It appears that the Leech’s had money because their first William died when he was less than a month old and has a gravestone.

Visit the Spring Grove Cemetery in Delavan, Wisconsin at for some photos of the Leech gravestones.

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