Sunday, January 4, 2009

Genealogy Inspiration

When my much loved grandmother died, I wanted to do something special in her memory. My mother and I were going through pictures that belonged to my grandmother. There were several people that neither of us knew and some that we did. However, there were many, many photos of my grandmother as a child. From them, I could tell that she was loved and very much.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since college and intrigues me. A photo of a person can tell so much about them if you will just observe. So I added a little of my creativity and a memory album of my grandparents lives' came to life. It was fun to put together a picture story that told who they were as young children, how they grew up to become adults, and finally raise children and have grandchildren. To put things into perspective, I added a brief family tree. But my grandmother's grandmother, Julia Ditt, was a mystery. What was her actual birth and death date? Who were her parents? Why did the family have information about the other branches but not the Ditts?

The hook was set and I was reeled into the fascinating world of family research better known as genealogy. So if you share this nutty passion, are a cousin who has stumbled upon this blog, have information that I might be interested in, please email me or post a comment.