Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ina (Iona) Viles Houghton

Ina Viles was the daughter of Jotham S. Viles and his second wife, Sarah D. Frost. She was born about 1866 in Walworth, Wisconsin. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Iowa and settled in Vinton, Benton, Iowa. Ina met her future husband in Vinton, Paul B. Houghton, who was born November 1865 in Iowa. He was the son of Marcus and Louisa Houghton. About 1883, the Houghton family moved to Rosedale, Clark County, South Dakota. Paul and Ina were married on January 4, 1887. According to my records, the marriage took place in Benton County, Iowa. This has not been confirmed. The couple made their residence in Clark County, South Dakota and had at least two sons, Marcus R. Houghton born September 8, 1892 and Albert Houghton born April 10, 1894. According to their birth records, both boys were born in Clark County, South Dakota. Apparently, Ina died prior to 1898 or 1899. Paul married Mina Derscheid in 1899 who had two sons of her own, Albert and Syndey Frederick Wasem. They are found living in Clark County, South Dakota in 1900. They were still there in the 1905 South Dakota census. But by 1910, they had moved to a neighboring county, Le Sueur, Kingbury, South Dakota. Paul was a grain elevator manager. DeSmet, South Dakota is in Kingsbury County and is the place featured in Laura Ingalls Wilder's book, "The Long Winter".

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