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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Charles Viles

Charles C. Viles was the son of John G. Viles and Clara Baker, born 18 Apr 1885 in Vinton, Benton, Iowa according to the record of births for Benton County, Iowa.

Charles Viles, of this city, died Saturday morning at 7:30 o’clock, at Lane, Kan., in which city he had been operating a motion picture theater since last fall. His death was caused by pneumonia following an attack of influenza. Word was received from the father, who was at his bedside, Saturday morning, stating that the son had passed away. The body will be brought to Vinton for burial.

Mr. Viles was about 34 years of age, and was born and reared in Vinton. For several years he has been engaged in the motion picture business. Last fall he purchased a theater at Lane, Kan., and had been operating it since. His wife and son were with him. Besides the wife and son he is survived by his father and one sister, Mrs. Clark Hayward, of this city. His mother died a year ago.

The Evening Gazette Feb 09, 1920

Mrs. John Viles Dies at Vinton

Given name was Clara Baker.

Vinton, Ia., April 19 – Mrs. John Viles died at her home in this city early Wednesday morning. On Tuesday morning she suffered a stroke of paralysis, the stroke coming on while she was about her household duties. She was practically unconscious from the time of the stroke to the time of her death. Deceased was born in Big Grove township, May 31, 1857. She was married on April 11, 1877 to John G. Viles of this city, and she had lived in Vinton since the time of her marriage. She is survived by her husband and two children, Charles C. and Mrs. Florence Hayward, of this city; also two grandchildren, Mrs. Elmer Snow, Waterloo, and John L. Viles, this city, and one great-grandchild, Carl Hayward Snow. Funeral services were conducted this afternoon at 2:30 PM by Rev. D. MeMasters, pastor of the Baptist church.

Waterloo Evening Courier, Apr 19, 1918

John G. Viles of Vinton Dies

John G. Viles was born third child born to Jotham and Mary Ann Viles, on 1 Feb 1853 in Walworth County, Wisconsin.

Vinton, Ia. – John G. Viles, one of the pioneer residents of Vinton, died at his home here Monday. Mr. Viles was 77 years of age and was born in Wisconsin. At the age of nine years he came to Vinton with his parents and had resided here constantly since. He married in 1877 Miss Clara Baker who died 12 years ago. He is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Clark Hayward, and a grandson, Linford Viles of Victoria, Tex., and a granddaughter, Mrs. Helen Snow, of Cedar Rapids. He also has three great grandchildren. For the last 40 years Mr. Viles had been a carpenter at the College for the Blind here. Since the death of his wife, his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hayward, have lived with him. Burial will be at Evergreen cemetery.

Waterloo Daily Courier, July 16, 1930

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jotham Viles's Wives

Jotham Viles married four women and had 8 or 9 nine children. Only his last wife did not bear him a child. His first wife was Mary Ann Leach, the assumed daughter of William R. Leach and Hannah Sewell. She has been the focus of much of my research. There is no document to date that establishes her parentage but there is much circumstantial evidence. Jotham Viles of Starks and Mary Ann married on October 1, 1848 in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine. Their intentions were published in the Maine Farmer on September 17, 1848 and the marriage announcement was published in the Age on October 12, 1848. This union produced 5 or 6 children: Clarissa, Serena, John, Helen, Frank? and Mary. All of the children were born in Walworth County Wisconsin.

Jotham's next wife was Sarah Diana Frost. They were married on June 3, 1861 in Tipton, Cedar, Iowa. There is evidence that they were living in both Wisconsin and Iowa during the next few years. Jotham and Sarah had two girls, Elsie Matilda and Iona. Sarah died on April 28, 1879 in Eden, Benton, Iowa.

Jotham's third wife was Laura E. Shutt (Schutts) Smith. They married on November 11, 1879 in Vinton, Benton, Iowa by L. S. Keagle. Laura's first husband, Silas Smith, did not die and in fact married two women after Laura and had many children. Laura brought her two sons with Silas with her, Frederick and George Smith. Jotham and Laura had one son of their own, Sewall Chadborne. Laura died on July 7, 1886.

Jotham married his last wife, Letha Ann Taylor Dodge, less than two years before his death. Letha was previously married to Elijah S. Dodge and had three sons by that union. Letha was 59 years old when they married February 16, 1889 by Levi S. Keagles and no children were produced by this marriage.